How to get a $ easy.

Here lies intricate instructions on becoming a billionaire by having the opportunity to witness the creation of 1. A person daring enough to bare the moniker AdollahSignEasy or A.$.E by definition has to embody perpetual wealth creation, and must be a relentless ideator and imagineer of tomorrow. Journey down the rabbit hole with the man whose dreams are so grandiose that he is always willing to let your dreams become part of his, by encompassing every aspect and garnishment possible to ensure the future opportunities and longevity you see for yourself are foreseeable and easily obtainable. Legend has it that your dreams literally become part his vision, and he becomes even more dedicated and ingrained in the undertaking to achieve providence through efficiency and the use of cost cutting profit maximization strategies employed by industry titans as well as small business in any, even the most meticulous and/or egregious, endeavors. < download the REVENGEofTheNERDS Mixtape and other 2Job$'N'aHu$tle music here

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Bashment - Wayne Wonder, Beenie Man, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Lady saw book shelf riddim

Bashment a gwon inna d Place @2JobsNaHustle

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